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Bad Omen

Bad Omen is the name all my work will be produced and published under, other than any work I do for already established publishers. It’s my little part of the world and I hope to bring you some great stories, art and design.

I offer a wide range of services covering all aspects of comic books and graphic design and I’m always open to any creative projects, large or small. If you have something you think I’d fit, drop me a line, I’d be delighted to discuss your project further.

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design
Creative Consulting
Brand, Logo and Identity Design
Brand Development
On-Site, Product and POS
Website Design
Wordpress Customisation

Comic Books

Project Critique
Script Critique
Script Editing
Logo Design
Graphic Design
Interior Design & Layout
File Production


Lifestyle Writing
Anything that involves words!

Graphic Design

Design for Print and Website Development

Solution focused. Servicing clients nationally and internationally from concept to implementation through design and creative management for all communications, including literature, exhibition, promotional, display, magazine design, editorial, bespoke creative projects, website and WordPress customisation.

I especially love logo design, brand and identity work and work closely with each client to provide a high standard of fast and creative output.

Fully versed in all things Apple with extensive knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator as well as proficient with most creative or business related software. I am quick to adapt and learn new software or techniques if required.

Comic Books

Comic Book Creation and Graphic Design


I’m a writer! You need a writer? Contact me to discuss your project and I’ll get working on the script.

Project and Script Critique

I will review the project materials, such as story, character, script, art and lettering as well as review story, plot and character development, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses before delivering a written report with observations, advice and recommendations to give your project the clarity of outside eyes.


Whatever stage your project is at, whatever you need from an Editor, I can help. If you just want someone to check everything is running smoothly and help keep it that way or someone to help you start from scratch I can guide you from concept to creation and I won’t just take what you have written and polish it. We will work together every step of the way even including thumbnailing the pages so we can see what works and flows best, before moving on to pencils and I’ll be there to  guide you through the artwork creation, right up to the lettering placements.

I want to help make sure that everything about your project works and to prevent any potential problems, saving you time and giving you the best of my knowledge and experience.

Script Editing

There are 2-3 stages of editing. The first, a read though aimed at understanding the story’s pacing and overall feel, followed by edits digging deeper into the project to work through sticking points, pacing issues and stiff or awkward dialog. The final edit will enable you to finish and produce a clean reading script that delivers on every page. Editing will conclude with a final edit that tightens and polishes the script, ready to be sent off to the next stage of production.

I will also supply a template of one of my scripts as a reference guide in Apple Pages or Microsoft Word. This will speed up your work flow and you’ll have a correctly formatted document for all future projects.


A good story and great art can only get you so far. If your lettering isn’t up to the same standards your project is going to suffer and not look as good as it should. I offer quality lettering services which includes SFX, conversational dialog pacing, balloon spacing, and proper eye-pathing.

Logo Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design and Layout

I have spent almost 25 years in graphic design and I can’t tell you enough how important logo and book design, especially in the comic book industry. I am able to create work that reflects the tone of your book and give it the professional appearance it deserves including any promotional materials such as posters, flyers, t-shirts and anything needed both printed or online.

File Production

Putting digital files together in the correct format for publishing with a printer can be stressful and laborious and if done correctly, will save you time, stress and money.

I can do this for you and supply you with the correct templates to work from and final artwork ready for your publisher or printer.


The road to Hell is paved with adverbs
— Stephen King

I love writing! If you need something written well and on time, I am adaptable and open to any and all writing and copywriting projects from business to lifestyle. And, if you have any projects connected to comic books, movies, 70s punk or skateboarding, I’m definitely the guy to talk to.

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